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‘176% of Budget.. Thank You..’
“We are 40% up on last year and 176% of budget target thanks to the training, coaching and Sales Excellence Programme with Leigh Farnell...”
David Horlock. Managing Director. BSI APAC.
Used in 13 countries around the Asia-Pacific

‘An Extra $1 million per Year in Sales!’
‘‘Really.. really ..useful.. We are working smarter not harder.."
"We are picking up an extra $20,000 per week..($1.04 million per year) which is great.."
Sarah Casey – Director of Sales – Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges

You and your Business Team are at a critical point in History..

Which way will you turn?

How will you pivot?

At times like these, you need someone with experience to help you navigate through these uncertain times to come out the other side in great personal and business shape.

You can benefit from over 40 years experience working with over 400 different companies, systematically implementing Change and Growth Training, Coaching and Mentoring Strategies to break business performance, sales conversion and cashflow records.

When you get access to and implement our Business Generation Transformation Systems we guarantee a 10 Times Return on Your Investment.

‘300% Better.. Thank You..’
“The culture, the teamwork, the communication in our team is 300% better..
Our sales are up 100% over the past 90 days...”
Danny Bright. State Manager. Wesbeam. NSW.

Discover How we can work with You and Your Team to Transform:

  • Strategy, Direction, Clarity and Leadership Team Alignment
  • ​Your Team Engagement, Alignment, Motivation and Productivity Results
  • ​Your Passive and Active Lead Generation Results
  • ​Your Lead to Sale Conversion Rate Results
  • Your Average Dollar Sale Results
Who Is Leigh Farnell?
For the past 40 years companies who are wanting proven Innovation, Growth and Performance Improvement have turned to Leigh Farnell.

Leigh Farnell has worked in the trenches of Australasian business, coaching Management and Sales Teams in some of Australia’s largest and smallest corporations.

He has consistently succeeded in helping over 400 businesses in 47 different industries, adding an estimated $200,000,000 to his client’s bottom lines. 

Leigh is a Business Innovation Specialist specialising in working with Leaders and Sales Teams to optimise innovation, sales, profits and team performance. 

As a professional speaker and business coach Leigh has presented keynote addresses and workshops at conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, USA, Singapore and Hawaii.

Leigh Farnell makes Managing Change and Innovation, Accelerated Growth through Leading Edge Sales, Relationship Marketing and High Performance Teamwork a practical, interactive, motivational, empowering and profitable.

Take action today. 
What Others Are Saying About 
The Business Growth Transformation System
Sarah Casey - Esplanade Hotel Fremantle
David Horlock - BSI
Jay Sarmadi - Nicheliving Real Estate 
Chris O'Brien - Liquor Barons 
Paul Magiatis - Real Estate 
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Bernard Hubbard - Liquor Barons 
Jenni - Community Newspapers 
Australia’s Leading Sales Mentor - How To Systematically Turbocharge Your Bottom Line 
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