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 Leigh Farnell Best Business has over 30 years experience working with over 300 different companies, systematically implementing The CZ6 Colour Zone Selling Systems and Strategies to break sales conversion and cashflow records.

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Are you in Sales? Whether you think you are or aren't... the fact is EVERYBODY is in Sales.

You might be a Sales Manager... a Business Owner... an Entrepreneur... a Start-up... a Sales Rep... a Professional… a fashion or furniture or shoe retailer... or a coffee shop owner.

Or you may be collecting a wage... or you could be self employed. Regardless of what it is you do... you need to know how to SELL, SERVE and PROSPER in this new economy.

You see, we're all selling ideas, time, products, services, solutions, and personality... and to receive an income we must be adding value

But to add value you need to know how to sell. You need to stop getting so many no's... and find out how to get more yeses.

Unfortunately, they don't teach you this in primary school, high school, college or university... school just teaches you to study hard and get a good job.

However, the problem with that is there are now less and less jobs, and more and more change... which means you must learn how to SELL, SERVE and PROSPER in this new economy.

The SELL SERVE PROSPER Radio Show and our products show you how to not just survive... but thrive in this fast changing world... so you can master these life changing skills they didn't teach you in school...
Discover how to become a cashflow master... a revenue master... and a profit and prosperity master. It all starts with Sales and Service..
"Tune in to SELL SERVICE PROSPER radio...
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Who Is Leigh Farnell?
For the past 30 years Leigh Farnell has worked in the trenches of Australasian business, coaching Management and Sales Teams in some of Australia’s largest and smallest corporations. He has consistently succeeded in helping over 300 businesses adding an estimated $200,000,000 to his client’s bottom lines. 

Leigh is a Business Innovation Specialist specialising in working with Leaders and Sales Teams to optimise innovation, sales, profits and team performance. As a professional speaker and business coach Leigh has presented keynote addresses and workshops at conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, USA, Singapore and Hawaii.

Leigh Farnell makes Managing Change and Innovation, Accelerated Growth through Leading Edge Sales, Relationship Marketing and High Performance Teamwork a humorous, interactive, motivational, entertaining and profitable 
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Spend An Hour With Australia’s Leading Sales Coach To Discuss How To Turbocharge Your Bottom Line (If You Qualify)
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